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Study Opportunities

The Foundry’s Design Thinking Rooms will greatly increase opportunities for students to study in groups or on their own. Options include:

  • Structured study hall: Students are coached daily as they are asked to communicate their academic goals and plans and to provide a social-emotional check-in. English, math, and world languages teachers are available to assist students as well. 
  • Team study tables: Whether serving a sports team or extracurricular club, these tables use the groups’ existing camaraderie and cohesion to set and achieve shared academic goals.
  • Private study: Students can work quietly within many of The Foundry’s spaces.
  • Academic self-monitoring check-outs: Students reflect on their organizational skills at the end of the day.   
  • Cram sessions: Sessions tailored for groups of students enrolled in the same course. Students can work together to prepare for a quiz, test, or a comprehensive exam.
  • Foundry Fusion: Students are invited to The Foundry on Saturday or Sunday to continue building academic success.