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Agora is a longstanding tradition at Ottawa Hills High School. Named for the Greek marketplace where people would meet to exchange goods and ideas, Agora has always existed to provide a forum for students to experience ideas outside the traditional classroom. During Agora, students are afforded opportunities to travel domestically and internationally on educational faculty-led trips. At home, students participate in experiences that expand the depth and breadth of learning.

Agora is a program that sets Ottawa Hills apart from other public schools. State educational goals and standards are changing and Agora is a way to address those changes. In the real world, the marketplace is now everywhere and nowhere. As our world has changed, Agora has evolved. The Agora program provides our school and community with an ideal opportunity to both maintain our focus on academic achievement while also enriching students with skills such as leadership, collaboration, volunteerism, and global perspectives--qualities that are increasingly in demand in this new marketplace.

In addition to enriching students with 21st Century skills and life-experiences, Agora provides a forum for the marketing of our school and the showcasing of our students as they leave to enter college, the workforce, and life. No longer is Agora confined to a week-long program, but is now a new way of looking at our commitment to providing our students with the best of rigorous academic content coupled with the gift of experience and connection.

While once thought of as the literal marketplace that we might visit on occasion, Agora will now be the term for our over-arching efforts to provide our students with an experience that is super-curricular, connected and tied to a bigger ideal of what it means to be truly educated.