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Keeping you informed

Teachers and administrators at the Junior/Senior High School strive to keep parents and the community informed of key dates news, and accomplishments. Doing so its accomplished through a variety of formats (see related links):

Communications from teachers via Google Classroom and PowerSchool: These platforms are the most direct way our teachers have to communicate with parents and guardians. The frequency and content varies by the teacher and requirements of the message.

Emails through SchoolMessenger: This platform uses email and phone data pulled from PowerSchool. 

Emails through OH Connections: The Junior/Senior High School has two email newsletters. Each goes to subscribers who voluntarily choose to enroll in the OH Connections email program and who select Junior/Senior High School News as one of their preferred news options.

Social media: In addition to the principal's Twitter and Instagram accounts, many individual teachers, sports teams, and activities maintain Twitter and/or Instagram accounts.