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Agora 2024

Agora Week is November 18-22. The theme of Agora 2024 is “Making Connections Between People, Ideas, and Experiences”. 

During the Agora week, there will be various opportunities for students. The 8th graders will travel to Washington D.C., and the 11th/12th graders will have the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, France, Italy, and Spain. The 7th, 9th, and 10th graders will have on campus workshops that help build connections.

How will these various opportunities enhance our collective experience? How will they encourage us to become lifelong learners? How will they enhance collaboration and empathetic engagement in our community? How will they help to form partnerships that will transform our work and our connections to others and the world?

These are the essential questions that drive our students to become strong leaders and learners, both in and out of the classroom. Agora week is a perfect opportunity to build these connections that support the tradition of excellence that is Ottawa Hills.

We invite each of you to take part in the creation of the Agora experience, to help build it with you at the center, to be a part of shaping your experience and the experiences of future students and community members, to help forge a personal connection between you and this place that will last a lifetime.

Agora: Overview, philosophy, & resources