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    Ottawa Hills Local Schools Summer Learning Program 2024
    The Ottawa Hills Local Schools Summer Learning Program 2024 is now available. Follow the links for your students' 2024-2025 school year grade to see summer learning resources here.
    JHHS teachers recognized with Governor's Thomas Edison STEM Award

    The Ohio Academy of Science selected 48 Ohio schools and 615 teachers to receive The Governor's Thomas Edison Awards for Excellence in STEM Education and Student Research for their accomplishments during the 2022-2023 school year. Congratulations to our amazing STEM teachers!

    Students Conduct Research at OSU’s Stone Lab

    Mr. Paul Genzman’s Environmental Science students spent the day at OSU’s Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island near Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. Led by instructors Natalie and Ashley, students conducted a variety of tests on the water near Rattlesnake Island measuring windspeed, air and water temperature, water clarity, windspeed, and wave height.  They took water samples to look for presence of zooplankton, phytoplankton, fish, and invertebrates.
    Additionally, they learned about the ecosystem, environmental challenges caused by human impact, success of conservation efforts, the role of Stone Lab, and the history of the region. Special thanks to Stone Lab and our amazing instructors. Thanks to Paul Genzman and OHSPA for making the field trip possible.

    Friday Nights in Green Bear Nation

    The BCSN Gameday Tailgate was broadcast live from Ottawa Hills at the Sept. 8 game. Congratulations to the Ottawa Hills Marching Band that was selected as the Chick-fil-A Band of the week!

    The STEAM Cafe is now student run

    The STEAM Cafe inside The Foundry is now run by student volunteers. Some aspects of the cafe, such as accounting and budgeting have been rolled into Mr. Randall Johnson's Business Education classes. 

    Inside the Immersive 360 Room
    Election Math with Mr. Torio

    Students in Mr. Torio’s Discrete Mathematics class studied the mathematics of elections culminating in a project where students created their own election and carried it out. They created preference schedules and used four different voting methods to see if different methods would yield different results. Over the course of this unit, students reflected on fairness in elections and the necessity of understanding not just how votes are collected but how exactly they are counted to decide winners and rankings of candidates. 

    Eighth-graders had a great trip to Washington, D.C. during Agora Week
    Eighth-graders had a great trip to Washington, D.C. during Agora Week, 2022!
    360 Immersion Room in Foundry prepares fifth-graders for mission to Mars.
    Mission control do you copy?

    The 360-immersion room prepared 5th-grade science students from Mrs. Genzman's class for their mission to Mars. Students toured our solar system aboard the virtual ISS and rode a virtual roller coaster on Mars. The class later traveled to the Challenger Learning Center in Oregon, Ohio.

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